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 Shopping Cart Additional Features

L - Shopping Cart

A shopping cart will always be present on the right hand margin while you are in the order store.

shopping cart no items


The Shopping Cart section contains a list of all the products you have selected to order. When items are newly added to the cart, they will appear red until you have selected the quantities. Once clicking the update button button, the item text will become black to show that it is now registered against your cart.


 new item added to shopping cart

 You can access your cart by either clicking the  white arrow next to the "Shopping Cart" text, or by clicking the  button just below the main navigation bar. Learn more about managing your shopping cart or how to proceed to the checkout.

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M - Best Sellers

Below the shopping cart there is a "Best Sellers" list.
This displays the top 10 products being sold through the order store and is being updated constantly.


return to the main directory to select another option.